The Lamplighter – March & April 2016

Worship Happenings for First Congregational United Church of Christ – Glenwood, Iowa
Youth Sunday School. at 9 AM
Adult Sunday School at 9:15 AM
Fellowship 10 AM in Church Basement
Worship Services at 10:30 AM
Each Sunday Morning
Pastors: Susan Reed and William Painter
Music by Lindsey Pratt

Deacons meet the last Wednesday of the month at 6 PM
Christian Education – Third Wed. 6 PM
Trustees – First Sunday right after Worship
Executive Council – Last Wed. of every month at 7 PM

Try visiting our web site. It has been updated and has new, current information. There is a place in it for you to make prayer requests. The requests go to the Church Office so they can be printed and put in the Sunday Bulletins. Find us at Also check out our church on face book. There are new pictures put on it often.

Our Youth will be preparing and serving breakfast for all the congregation on Easter Morning. Plan to attend and give them your support. It is so wonderful to have the youth be involved in our activities


Items are needed for the Storehouse and the Ministerial Association Pantry! There is a critical shortage of canned fruit. These are not enough available from the Food Bank at this time!! There is always a shortage of toilet paper. Conditioner is really needed. Shaving Cream, disposable razors, Men and women’s deodorant, and Feminine pads are always needed. The Pantry is very low on these items at this time. They do not get to purchase this type of items from the Food Bank or the funds donated to the Ministerial Association for food purchase so they depend on donations from you. If you are unable to get them to church, drop the items off at the office. Carrie is there Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. The door on the west of the Lamplighter, to the little entryway, is always unlocked. Items can be left there as someone is always checking for things that might be delivered. All donations of any items are greatly appreciated.

If you have a crisis, or any type of emergency, the church would like to be able to support you.
Please call one of the following people in case of illness, death, members in need of care, or other emergencies.

Pastors – Susan Reed 712-310-2608, William Painter 712-309-5138 or The Church Office…–712-527-9424


Our budget for 2015 is $55,645.
We need each month $4,637.
Jan. Receipts $ 3,090.39
Jan.. Expense $ 4,573.68

Jan. Feb. Worship Attendance
Jan. 3 32
10 32
17 20
24 27
31 24
Feb. 6 29
13 22
20 15

March & April. Birthdays
March 1 – Anna Young
2 – Gordon Dean
2 – Piper Hernandez
8 – Taylor Schultz
11 – Jackie Harless
12 – Ruth Weak
13 – Amanda Brown
17 – Wayne Irick
17 – William Painter
18 – Larry Lincoln
19 – Kathy Stone
24 – Katelyn Malcom
24 – Jadyn McGlade
26 – Rodney Mendenhall
27 – Howard Kamish
30 – Kevin Terry
31 – Abby Sorensen

April 7 – Jeana Bird
8 – Jane Young
8 – Greg Schultz
11 – Joan Sell
13 – Carol Malcom
14 – Pat Kessler
14 – Chyanne Groom
19 – Samantha Engelke
20 – Shane Parks
26 – Kathy Bruce
30 – Meryn Smith

Prayer is not a matter of coming to God with our wish list and pleading with Him to give us what we ask for. Prayer is first and foremost the experience of being in the presence of God. Whether or not we get anything to take home as a result of the encounter, we are changed by having come into the Presence of God. We will be a different person for some time after. Rabbi Kushner
Please pray for the following:
March 6 – M/M Robert Dashner
Gerald Elijah
Karen Engelke
Rev. Vicki Engelmann
Ingrid Gillialland
March 13 – Mark Engleke
Loretta Fisher
Irene Engelmann
Art Gaetz
Donna Garrett
Karen Deitchler

Words from the Editor

Here are a few articles I have found about Holy Week and Easter:

Many years ago the actress, Gertrude Lawrence, was the star of a play in London. Before the drama began, the Queen entered the Royal Box with great dignity. Immediately the entire audience rose and applauded Her Majesty.
Observing from the wings, the actress uttered, “What an entrance!” The playwright, Noel Coward, was standing nearby and responded, “What a part!” As Jesus entered Jerusalem on that day we call Palm Sunday, the people cheered him shouting “Hosanna to the Son of David! Blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord! Hosanna in the highest heaven!” (Matthew 21:9 NRSV). It was a cry of adoration and acclamation. Jesus handled the adulation with dignity and poise. The Son of God entered the capital city humbly but courageously. He knew that danger – even death – awaited him. He went anyway and memorably. It was a victory day for him, a week before the greatest Victory of all – Resurrections. No wonder we remember Palm Sunday with joy. It was a glorious day for Christ and for us.
Let us wave palms, a symbol of peace. Let us shout, “Hosanna in the highest heaven!” The Savior has come. What and entrance! What a part!

History/ darkest day and brightest day
A professor once asked a young man studying for the ministry what the cross of Christ meant to him The student said, “Well, the cruel death of God’s Son, Jesus, was the most soul-shocking event imaginable. What could have been more heartless and evil than the crucifixion of Christ, the most holy person who ever lived? That had to be the darkest day in human history. “On the other hand, one has to consider what happened on Sunday after his death on Friday. It is quite clear from eye-witness accounts that he arose from the dead and was recognized by his friends as the one they had called Lord. The resurrection was such a soul-stirring and momentous event that the first Easter Sunday had to be the brightest and most joyous day in the history of the world.”
When he finished, the professor said to him, ”That is an excellent interpretation of the meaning of the cross. It was indeed a dark and hideous day when Christ was crucified. Yet that cross took on the symbol of salvation and hope when God raised Christ from the dead. Yes, Christians could say it was the brightest day in history.

A Prayer for Easter

Thank you for spending 33 years with us: for announcing Love from the high heavens; for introducing Love in an obscure manger setting; for living Love in a family framework; for sharing Love with the poor and deprived and diseased; for showing Love to the unlovable and unloving; for letting little children feel Love in your arms; for suffering on a cross because of Love; for loosing Love upon the world to take up residence in us; for your Love that will not let us go. AMEN

January-February UCC Kids

Eight youth met on January 13. Following refreshments, Brad shared the book Stone Soup and they discussed various words and how they affect the kids in their everyday lives. Then the kids made butterfly valentines for the residents of Glen Haven and Linnwood Estates.

On February 10, ten youth met. Brad, Lorrie and Diane led a lesson on Love. Heart shaped sugar cookies were made for Glen Haven residents and the butterfly valentines were completed. Diane delivered to Glen Haven and Linnwood Estate residents.

February, 2016 Christian Ed

The following Christian Education Board members met on February 15: Jane Young, Lorrie Rasmussen, Diane Bruce and new board members Samantha Giangreco, Kristy Wilson, Hayleigh Palmer. Susan Reed was also in attendance. Jane and Kristy will share chairman responsibilities and Diane will continue as secretary-treasurer. Sammy and Kristy will co-chair our Christmas program planning.
Diane shared our Treasurer’s report. We currently have a balance of $223.68 with $97.09 earmarked for our current mission project – Heifer International.
Jane has agreed to take 4th – 6th grade Sunday School and Diane and Hayleigh will work with age 3 through 3rd grade. We can always use more Sunday School teachers and would appreciate any assistance. We will continue studying the parables and Holy Week.
UCC Kids will meet on March 9. Using jelly beans they will put together bags to represent a rainbow prayer. These will be delivered to Glen Haven residents. Diane also has a play for the kid’s to act out. We discussed hosting Easter breakfast. We will discuss further at our next meeting.
We had two calendars left from our fund raiser. One will be placed in the Lamplighter and the other at the Fellowship Hall.
We need a monthly schedule for being in charge of getting candle lighters for church service. Kristy will be responsible for Feb. 21 and 28. Jane will handle the month of March. She will teach our 4th – 6th graders the correct way to do this. If interested in helping out, please let Jane know. We
Also need snacks and help supervising kids from 10 to 10:30 AM..
We currently have 3 youth interested in attend UCC Youth event in Florida June 26 through June 30. Possible fund raisers were discussed. Suggestions included selling Krispy Kreme donuts, smart cards for restaurants, and a concert by Joe’s son. Also, we would have a free-will offering for our Easter breakfast.
The next CE meeting will be on March 7 at 6 p.m.

The Trustees met and did a “walk through” of the Church building. They made a list of items that need to be repaired or replaced. Some of the items were small; such as the door stop on the front door. Many of the items are larger and will take time to work on. One is the ceiling in the Narthex. It will be a gig job. Another is replace some of the boards in the ramp and stain it. One of the major items are the parking lots. Something needs to be done.
The stools in the Church and Lamplighter were both repaired by Scott Reed after some pretty big water bills. Thanks Scott. We are glad to have more people on the Trustee Board this year.

Deacons Met Feb. 24.
Present were: Donna Crum, Jackie Harless, Brad Rasmussen, Lois Murray, Carrie Merritt, Carlos Lopez, Eldon Young, Susan Reed and William Painter.
Brad opened the meeting with some readings from Psalms.
Susan reported the meeting with Many of the Mills County agencies and the big concern is housing for homeless and abused. Mills County United and Mills County Health are
working on getting funding for this.

A suggestion for fellowship was cook a meal for the community by churches. Many of our folks who are needy, do not know how to prepare some of the foods available. We need to widen our vision and think out of the box.
We need to think about a chair for the Deacons as Brad will be leaving in May.
Lindsey does not want to direct the choir. We need to look for a director. Any suggestions would be great.
Some suggestions for outings for the congregations would be Bowling, Barbeque with a Movie, Game Night. It was decided to have a game Night March 19 with “Soup on Saturday.”
The youth will be making Easter Breakfast for the congregation. Upcoming Events are Palm Sunday with snacks after the parade, Good Friday Services and Easter Services.
The SW Iowa Association will be meeting in Atlantic for the Spring meeting.

Executive Council Minutes

February 24, 2016

The February Executive Council meeting was opened with a poem entitled “A New Beginning” by Gregory Pasch at 7:00pm. Members in attendance were Jackie Harless, Eldon & Jane Young, Brad & Lorrie Rasmussen, Carrie Merritt, William Painter, Carlos Lopez, Janet Hall, and Susan Reed. Lorrie read the minutes from the January Executive Council meeting. Brad motioned to approve the minutes, Jane seconded, and the minutes were approved.

Janet went over the Treasurer’s report. The balances are as follows:
$11882.16 General Fund
$ 223.69 Sunday School
$ 518.87 Endowment Fund
$ 5570.52 Dorcas
$ 9116.16 Mission Fund
$ 3538.24 Improvement Fund
$ 6659.58 Memorial Fund
$ 990.00 Emergency Assistance
$ 23.01 FCUCC Soldiers
Brad motioned to approve the Treasurer’s report, Jackie seconded, and the Treasurer’s report was approved.

Carlos gave the Trustees report. They did a walk-through and listed the following items to be fixed:
Front door and steps
Railing on Lamplighter
Weather stripping doors
Painting window sills
Porch boards
Ceiling in Narthex
Cracks in church
Alter railing
Fire Extinguishers, Smoke Alarms, and CO Detectors
Carlos will also check on bids for cement of parking areas.

Brad reported on the Diaconate meeting held earlier in the evening.
March 19th at 6:00pm – Super Saturday Game Night
Volunteers are needed to bring members to church.
Possible need of a choir director
Palm Sunday Parade followed by Continental Breakfast
Good Friday Service at 7:00pm

Jane reported on Christian Education.
3 year old to 3rd Grade will be taught by Diane Bruce.
4th Grade to 6th Grade will be taught by Jane Young.
Youth Group will be meeting and working on a play and make a jelly bean activity for Glen Haven
Easter Breakfast
3 youth want to go to the National Youth Event.
The next meeting for Christian Education will be March 7th at 6:00pm.

There was no report from Dorcas at this time.

The Heritage meal went over well.
91 people came to Breakfast.

Journey of Brothers – Tuesday June 28th
7:00pm – Deanna and Cheryl piano concert
7:30pm – Concert
Cake and Ice Cream following in the Fellowship Hall

An Oklahoma group will camp on the lawn and a Des Moines UCC group will be using one of the buildings. Jane motioned to approve this and Carlos seconded.
A spaghetti meal will be served.

Relay for Life – June 4th – Glenwood Lake Park
Jane motioned the church have a team and Carlos seconded.
Dorcas will pay for registration.

Carlos suggested the following as other activities the church may want to do.
Leftover Meal
Valentine’s Meal

Jane also mentioned opening up the Fellowship Hall for music and a coffee house.

The next Executive Council meeting will be Wednesday March 30th at 7:00pm

Eldon closed with a poem entitled “Faith in Tomorrow” by Corliss Booth.

Brad motioned to adjourn the meeting, Carlos seconded, and the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Lorrie Rasmussen

The newsletter is now published every other month.
All news will be accepted but must be in by the third Monday of the month before publication.
(Exceptions will be made for special items – such as minutes.)
Carrie Merritt – Editor
Staff – Congregation

Upcoming Events:
Each Sunday until Easter – extinguishing a Lenten Candle
March 12 – Second Saturday Breakfast
March 20 – Palm Sunday Parade before Worship
March 25 – Good Friday Services
March 27 – Easter Breakfast cooked and served by Youth
March 27 – EASTER!!