First Congregational United Church of Christ

Our church has many symbols of God’s love.  Our church has changed through the years.  In 1860, a bell was secured which still calls us to worship.  Pastor Todd is the pioneer of the congregational churches of western Iowa.  Reverend John Todd or as he was familiarly and affectionately called, Father Todd, preached in the old Methodist church and this church when it was organized.  He would alternate Sundays between the two churches.  He would ride on horseback on Sunday afternoons or evenings through cold of winter or heat of summer after his two sermons in his own church in Tabor.  On October 18, 1856 the following people Daniel Briggs, Catharine Briggs, William Hopkins, Ruth Hopkins, and Clara Bosbyshell met at the residence of Mr. Hopkins on Walnut Street.  The First Congregational Church of Glenwood was formed at this time with earnest prayer and the advice of Reverend Todd.

Pastors of First Congregational Church

John Todd            1856-1860

M. Tingley           1860-1863

A.V. House           1863-1865

O.W. Cooley          1865-1868

S.D. Storrs          1868-1869

John K. Nutting      1869-1873

John Allender        1873-1876

A. Rodgers           1877-1880

J. B. Sharp          1880-1881

M. M. Thompson       1882-1883

Gilbert Holcombe     1883-1887

Charles H. Crawford  1887-1889

A. S. McLeod         1889-1890

John Nutting         1890-1895

M. D. Reed           1895-1901

J. B. Stanton        1901-1902

William A. Bockoven  1902-1903

James H. Skiles      1904-1908

R. W. Burton         1909-1911

Ira Stone            1911-1914

Fred W. Long         1914-1916

Edwyn Evans          1916-1918

Thomas Evans         1919-1923

F. C. Gouzales       1923-1927

Elizabeth Carlyon    1929-1931

L. A. Lippitt        1931-1934

Fred W. Long         1934-1936

Paxton Smith         1947-1951

Lawerence Murphy     1952-1956

Vernon Rice          1957-1960

Helen Galazka        1961-1962

John Szilvasy        1963-1965

Warren K Walrath     1966-1968

Charles Cowell Jr.   1968-1973

Frederick Mellberg   1974-1980

Victor Engelmann     1981-1994

Dana Bainbridge      1994-1995  Interim

Renae Koehler        1995-2001

Beverly Young        2001       Interim

Suzy Gaffney         2001-2006

Gene Hilton          2006-2013 Lay Minister

Susan Reed and William Painter 2014 –