The women’s group at church is called Dorcas. The first meeting was held in 1870 with 19 ladies present. This group is vital to the overall functioning of the church. The mission of Dorcas is to serve others in many different ways! A Bible story (Acts 9:36-42) talks about a lady named Dorcas (Greek) or Tabitha. She was a Jewish Christian living in Joppa. She was well known for charity and good works. She helped many people (Children and Adults). In this story she became very sick and died. Through Peter’s faith and prayers she was raised from the dead to continue her work for God! The ladies of the church carry on her mission (serving funeral dinners, food for the sick, an annual Bazaar and other fund raising projects throughout the year! All monies realized from any project is used for the good of the church and the wider missions of the church in the name of Jesus!